A Basic Tutorial for Removing Ransomware

Are you having trouble with Ransomeware, rootkits or more? Well, there are some valuable tools that you can use as well as some steps we take for basic dealings with these online baddies. This is a basic tutorial. We will later do more tutorials on the deeper dealings of reansomware we see, but this is a GREAT PLACE TO START!

Here is the Trend Micro Ransomware removal tool: http://free.antivirus.com/us/#ransomware Here is the

Bitdefender Online Free Scan: http://www.bitdefender.com/scanner/on… So, run the

Trend Micro tool, do the restart when it says to, let it completely run again, do anything it suggests, then the Bitdefender afterwards. If this doesn’t get it, create a new profile and make it an Admin, restart your machine, login as that user and go to your other user and copy/paste your documents and bookmarks and delete the old user profile.

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